Bags for Spring

Picture this: frolicking through a field of freshly bloomed flowers with the perfect spring bag on your shoulder, carrying anything you need from picnic supplies to just a hairlip and some lipgloss. There are so many bags for so many situations. Let's start the run down with our bags at Be Mine Boutique!
Canvas bags: Our canvas bags are PERFECT to carry your supplies for work or school. They are the exact size for books, folders, and computers.
Market bags: These bags are amazing to hold clothes for an overnight trip or to hold a blanket for a picnic or to simply hold your produce.
Baguette bags: This bag, being one of the smallest bags, has had the biggest impact on the fashion world in the last few months. They are everyone's favorite accessory to an outfit. They are the best bag to hold your essentials: phone, chapstick, hair clip, etc. 
Basket bags: The ultimate summer and spring bag. They are ideal for a night out or a trip to the pool, they are so versatile that you can use them for ANYTHING.
So what are you waiting for? Come into Be Mine and get the bag, no seriously, life is too short to not have a bag for every circumstance. 
Be Mine Babes