People often ask the question, do you prefer fashion in the hot or the cold months?
The correct answer would be the cold months. Period. You may be asking, why? Here is the only logical response. When you're too hot you remove your clothes, but at some point you will run out of articles to take off.
On the other hand, when you are cold, you know what you can do? Layer. Layering is everything as the crisp autumn air has started to sweep through Berks County, and there are so many opportunities that come along with this trend. For instance, you have a summer shirt that you want to get some wear out of, but it is too cold to wear alone? Throw a turtleneck under that bad boy, and call it a day. Now you're warm and trendy. Layering has taken the fashion industry by storm, you can layer just about anything and everything you can think of. Now if you're a layering newbee, let us help you out. 
Step 1: Find your base, this means what you want under your main clothing piece. It could be a turtleneck, a button up collared shirt, a long sleeve shirt, or even a short sleeve shirt.
Step 2: Find your main attraction. This will be your top clothing piece, it can be anything you want it to be. A t-shirt, a sweater, a dress, a sweater vest, a nice summer shirt, a sweatshirt, whatever you want peoples' eyes to go.
Step 3: Go out and rock your style, you look amazing.
Be Mine Babes