Be Mine Book Recommendations

Everyone loves a good book recommendation and we are here to help with three of our top picks! Now more than ever, the weather is getting nice and don't we all love to sit in the sun with the perfect book.
1. Untamed (Glennon Doyle)
This pick is a number one seller right now. It is a feminist rally call to have women be true to themselves. A revolutionary novel that all girls and women should read.
2. You Are a Badass (Jen Sincero)
This is a self help book must read. It will help you to identify your self sabotaging qualities and make a change for the better!
3.  Moon Theory (Robert M. Drake)
This modern poetry book gives the reader a journey through healing while learning the true beauty of self love and acceptance.
 If you haven't yet read any of these, definitely snag them to add to your reading list!


Be Mine Babes