Vintage Scarves

Hello everyone, welcome back! Our topic this week, as the title shows you, is vintage scarves. they are everywhere in the fashion world and they are here at Be Mine Boutique. We can help you with this trend, one and check out our wide selection of vintage scarves. Now let's explore all of the ways we can style them.
1- Headband: you can keep your hair out of your face and look cute while doing it! All you have to do is fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your head and tie it at the back (under your hair).
2- Around the wrist: I know what you guys are thinking, why would I do this I have bracelets for a reason. No, by simply wrapping the scarf around your wrist 2-3 times and tying it, you will add depth and a unique accessory to your outfit!
3- Belt: while we could go on forever about the many ways you can style your vintage scarves, we will end with this. Are you ever sick of the same plain black belt? Well here is the perfect fix, put your vintage scarf through your belt loops and tie it at the front. It will add a pop of color and spice to your outfit!
Okay now you guys have to RUN, not walk, to Be Mine and start rocking these scarves!
Be Mine Babes